We are Josh and Lora – America’s Premiere Couple™. We are looking to clean out our closet, that’s what My Closet Garden is for.  In 2008, after Lora lost her job, we decided to start a fashion blog. Everything was fun and photos for awhile, but then the dresses and skirts started to pile up. How did our fashion-love spin out of control? How much is too much? How do we sort through the piles that inevitably bury us? That’s what we’re here to figure out.

Now, we’re not just about de-cluttering closets. We want to explore all facets of our lives – to find a balance between asking the hard questions and still being able to do the things we love.

Let’s blow the clutter out of our closets (and our lives) – let’s get them green and growing again.


Facts About Us

Who takes the photos? Who does the writing? We take turns (we’re co-dependent like that). Neither of us pretends to be the master of any skill set. Instead, we’re always trying to learn new things. It’s just more fun that way. We’ll be writing together and as individuals. If you don’t see a tagline, assume it’s a team effort.

Friends? Married?  We have been dating for six years. We Live in Arlington, VA (near Washington, DC), but we were friends, co-workers, and bf/gf a long time ago in a little town called Wheeling WV.

Feline or Pup? Kitty of course. We have a behemoth of a cat named Windigo. He is HUGE – almost 3 feet long. I guess you could consider him a small dog.

What type of camera and software do you use? We shoot both stills and video on the Canon 5D Mark II and edit in Adobe Production Premium.


Closing Credits

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