An Illustrated Guide to Us


Self Portrait As A Fox by Elizabeth Graeber


Just take a look at this lovely website. So cool, right? It feels amazing just to have it up. We’ve put so much time and thought into how things should be, but the real credit has to go to our favorite artist, Elizabeth Graeber.


Mary WIgman drawing from: A field guide to important birds of the 14th- 20th Centuries


Everything you see here that isn’t text was hand-drawn and painted by DC’s Best Local Illustrator. In fact, practically every illustration you see in the greater Washington DC area was done by Ms. Graeber. This lady is prolific – from hand-painted murals, jewelry and handbags at a local boutique to adorable books full of her drawings. She has an Etsy shop with a huge variety of hand-painted art – drawings, pottery, coloring books, on and on.


Asparagus Dinner by Elizabeth Graeber


We’ve been working with her literally for years on various iterations of what we thought we might have kind of slightly maybe wanted this website to be (although-maybe-we-should-go-in-a-different-direction-screw-it-let’s-scrap-the-whole-thing-and-start-over). When we have our wedding invitations made (*hint hint* *future posts*), they’ll have her drawings on them. We’ve had so much work done by her that I sort of consider her our Artist-in-Residence. For life. You hear that, Elizabeth?


Big Head Lion by Elizabeth Graeber



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  1. Elizabeth says:

    sounds good to me! i like how the site turned out!

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