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Debt Free – How We Paid Off $15,000 in Credit Card Debt in a Year


I waited patiently today at work as Josh reviewed this month’s budget. “Looks like we can pay off that last credit card,” I noted with a smiley face in my URGENT email that I sent as soon as I sat down at my desk. I was all raring and ready to push confirm on the credit card payment page when Josh suggested paying it off together at lunch. He felt it too, the excitement of the hurdle we were about to make, and he wanted in on the fun of watching the total refresh to zero.

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Minimize My Wardrobe – Step 4


I hauled my clothing donation today to Goodwill in my little red wagon. Alright, I admit, I’m dramatizing Step 4 a bit, the picture of the red wagon is a fake. GASP! I used my car to donate my clothes, but I felt like I deserved to gloat a little bit. Goodwill didn’t give me one of those pretty, “I saved lives today!” stickers that blood donors get. They did, however, hand me a tax slip as we drove away.

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Garbage Flowers


IMG_4854 - resized

As the strange man leaned down to inspect the tires, I followed, hoping I could push him even closer to see that the tread was in bad shape. I imagined pulling him aside, away from my eager parents, and whispering in his ear that this automobile would shoot him uncontrollably down the country road, flames rocketing from the hood, leading to his most certain death.

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