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Tales From Our Cluttered Home


We haven’t talked about it much on here yet, but we’ve been on a steady course to minimize our worldly possessions in preparation for the move into a smaller (cheaper) apartment. It’s absolutely incredible how much stuff can accumulate into the lives of a couple when they’re not paying attention. In the course of digging everything out and categorizing (more on that later), our house has become one big pile of stuff we didn’t know we had. It’s enough to cause despair, but we decided that instead of getting depressed, we’d challenge ourselves to make art out of the chaos. Thus were born the pics you see above. Enjoy!

Minimizing My Wardrobe Step 1 and 2


Step 1: Create 3 piles – Keep, Donate, and Consign. Only keep the items I really love and donate all items that I haven’t worn in a month, that are beyond repair and that don’t match anything.

Two steps into the closet and the fun began. In a fury, my shoes started to stampede forward as they called out “Stranger, Danger!” But I was no stranger, I knew exactly what needed to be donated and so I began the process of minimizing my wardrobe.

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Tiny House – Research the Future



After years of dreaming of an eco-friendly home of our own, we finally discovered Boneyard Studios, a Tiny House showcase right here in Washington, DC. Boneyard Studios has three little houses on wheels parked in an alley lot in NE, proving that the Tiny House movement isn’t isolated to the West Coast.

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Minimizing My Wardrobe – A Step By Step Plan

Step By Step, Paw by Paw

Step By Step, Paw by Paw

It’s not New Years day just yet, but who needs to wait till the clock strikes 12. Sure, its been a few weeks since we last blogged, but that doesn’t mean I have to give up or wait for the new year to start again. Instead I’m just going to keep going. So, I present to you my 4 Step Solution for closet clutter. Continue Reading


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Closet Monster

Closet Monster

“Just follow me in here, I promise you’ll find everything you need. TO CLEAN!!! Bwwwwhahahahaha!” my mom says as her cape swings behind her. Lora slowly walks inside and the door quickly slams behind her. “Hey, let me out!” she screams, fists pounding heavily against the door.  “No, not until you sweep every corner and collapse with exhaustion on the floor! Oh, and lick up all the dust! Bwaaaahahahaha!”

This was my mother’s tactic for getting me to clean my room. Ok, so she wasn’t really a fib-spitting behemoth, but she did repeat this familiar phrase – “Don’t come out until it’s clean!”  And I don’t blame her, my room was a mess. Nowadays, my bedroom floor is cleared enough for passage, but the signs of clutter are still obvious. I like to stack piles of clothes in the corners of my room and label them with future promises. Two dressers are tightly stuffed to the brim and a trunk of last season’s clothes occupies another corner. Worse still is the portion of my wardrobe that’s sprawled out of my bedroom limits and now resides in my brother’s closet.Continue Reading