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15 Amazing Things I Learned When Simplifying My Wardrobe


It’s amazing what you find when you get rid of all your stuff

The most important thing I learned through this whole experience was that my huge wardrobe didn’t make me happy. Instead, it resulted in frustration, guilt, and time wasted trying to keep my clutter organized. But despite this, the best part of decluttering my closet was discovering myself through all the piles of clothes. Here’s what I learned:

  1. I didn’t really need steps, plans or goal lists to simplify. I just needed to change my perspective and my relationship with “things.”
  2. I still had belts and hats that I “borrowed” from my little sister 15 years ago when we were kids.
  3. I was willing to wear clothes because they were adorable, but not willing to admit I hated wearing them because they were uncomfortable.
  4. I liked the idea of owning vintage, but didn’t tend to wear it.
  5. As I took the clothes down from the rack, a sense of space and comfort overcame me.
  6. I hid behind clothes – I created an identity.
  7. I don’t need 6 bathing suits.
  8. I now prefer having high quality stuff rather than more stuff.
  9. I bought clothes in hopes of generating those happy-go-lucky feelings when I was feeling stressed.
  10. Even though I owned hundreds of items, my wardrobe was not versatile.
  11. I owned clothes that I never wore, not even once.
  12. Fear was holding me back.
  13. I liked to hide money in my purses with the hope that I’d forget and be surprised one day.
  14. I refused to recognize the guilt I had for owning so many clothes, which prevented me from simplifying.
  15. If you smile, people will notice that before commenting on the new dress that you bought.

Dear Sister


Dear Sister,

Do you remember this hat? We used to fight over it. Wasn’t that crazy, always digging through each other’s clothes? I can remember all my little hiding spots, but you always discovered them, just like I found yours. And then there were those moments of real frustration when one of us would walk in on the other – caught in the act! “I have a really important date tonight! Please sister!” But the other would respond by fumbling down the stairs, hand rail reddening our palm, “Mom! Sister stole my hat!” At first mom would try to referee, but after years of the same arguments she finally gave up. “You two work this out by yourselves! I don’t want to hear any more about it!”

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Minimizing My Wardrobe Step 1 and 2


Step 1: Create 3 piles – Keep, Donate, and Consign. Only keep the items I really love and donate all items that I haven’t worn in a month, that are beyond repair and that don’t match anything.

Two steps into the closet and the fun began. In a fury, my shoes started to stampede forward as they called out “Stranger, Danger!” But I was no stranger, I knew exactly what needed to be donated and so I began the process of minimizing my wardrobe.

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Closet Monster

Closet Monster

“Just follow me in here, I promise you’ll find everything you need. TO CLEAN!!! Bwwwwhahahahaha!” my mom says as her cape swings behind her. Lora slowly walks inside and the door quickly slams behind her. “Hey, let me out!” she screams, fists pounding heavily against the door.  “No, not until you sweep every corner and collapse with exhaustion on the floor! Oh, and lick up all the dust! Bwaaaahahahaha!”

This was my mother’s tactic for getting me to clean my room. Ok, so she wasn’t really a fib-spitting behemoth, but she did repeat this familiar phrase – “Don’t come out until it’s clean!”  And I don’t blame her, my room was a mess. Nowadays, my bedroom floor is cleared enough for passage, but the signs of clutter are still obvious. I like to stack piles of clothes in the corners of my room and label them with future promises. Two dressers are tightly stuffed to the brim and a trunk of last season’s clothes occupies another corner. Worse still is the portion of my wardrobe that’s sprawled out of my bedroom limits and now resides in my brother’s closet.Continue Reading