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Pie It Forward


Josh and I have been waiting for months to have a taste of Sarah and Chris’ sugary slices of kindness. This recently-engaged couple has been traveling across the US, dishing out a delicious assortment of FREE! pies – apple, key lime, chocolate cheese and cantaloupe! When they pulled into my town looking for a place to park their tiny wagon-truck home, we couldn’t help but to grab our camera and meet them.

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Couple of Plates, Couple of Forks – Minimizing Our Kitchen


Before – some of the stuff we got rid of.

With the anticipation of moving into a smaller apartment and someday living in an even smaller itty-bitty space, we’ve decided to simplify our kitchen essentials. To do this we ignored the “What every kitchen needs” list and paired down our forks and knives to fit the “Simplified Kitchen” model.

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The Haul

IMG_5038 - resized

Today’s haul from Arlington Farmer’s Market. YUM!