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Tiny House – Research the Future



After years of dreaming of an eco-friendly home of our own, we finally discovered Boneyard Studios, a Tiny House showcase right here in Washington, DC. Boneyard Studios has three little houses on wheels parked in an alley lot in NE, proving that the Tiny House movement isn’t isolated to the West Coast.

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We’re Back!

We’re Back!

We’ve just returned from our journey to Colorado. We completely fell in love – had such a great time. Here are some pics:


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Closet Monster

Closet Monster

“Just follow me in here, I promise you’ll find everything you need. TO CLEAN!!! Bwwwwhahahahaha!” my mom says as her cape swings behind her. Lora slowly walks inside and the door quickly slams behind her. “Hey, let me out!” she screams, fists pounding heavily against the door.  “No, not until you sweep every corner and collapse with exhaustion on the floor! Oh, and lick up all the dust! Bwaaaahahahaha!”

This was my mother’s tactic for getting me to clean my room. Ok, so she wasn’t really a fib-spitting behemoth, but she did repeat this familiar phrase – “Don’t come out until it’s clean!”  And I don’t blame her, my room was a mess. Nowadays, my bedroom floor is cleared enough for passage, but the signs of clutter are still obvious. I like to stack piles of clothes in the corners of my room and label them with future promises. Two dressers are tightly stuffed to the brim and a trunk of last season’s clothes occupies another corner. Worse still is the portion of my wardrobe that’s sprawled out of my bedroom limits and now resides in my brother’s closet.Continue Reading

Happy Halloween!

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So This Happened Today…

Snip Snip

The List

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We’ll admit that we want to jump right in and start making changes to our lives. Grab onto every new habit and give it a go! But in the past we’ve found that when we try to do too much at once we get overwhelmed – forcing us backwards, falling onto the comfy couch with a bucket of buffalo wings in one hand, a white flag in the other. Continue Reading

The Haul

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Today’s haul from Arlington Farmer’s Market. YUM!

Garbage Flowers


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As the strange man leaned down to inspect the tires, I followed, hoping I could push him even closer to see that the tread was in bad shape. I imagined pulling him aside, away from my eager parents, and whispering in his ear that this automobile would shoot him uncontrollably down the country road, flames rocketing from the hood, leading to his most certain death.

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Tying the Laces

Tying the Laces

Let’s just get started, shall we?

We could keep adding to our list of “Things-To-Do-Before-We-Launch-the-Blog” – we could also be here another year. (Oh yeah, we’ve been talking about launching this thing for years now). One excuse after another… spring would be a better time to start, wouldn’t it? Shouldn’t we have our first video done? We probably need a better camera.

Or we could jump right in. So please excuse our rumpled trousers and untied laces. Let’s begin.

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