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Can I Live Without Him? – The Stranglehold of Emotional Attachment: Part 3


Me ‘n My Horsey – Summer ’84 (left) and a year later (right).

“Our life is the series of moments that is steaming through your consciousness right now, and how you use those moments and what you fill them with is what truly matters, not what you fill your home with. At the end of this short journey, you’ll look back and remember your experiences, the people you loved and who loved you back, the things you did and didn’t do. Not the stuff you had.”

Leo Balboau

It’s still a scary thought, letting go of an object that’s made me feel secure for so many years. We all have them – our beloved childhood stuffed animals all stitched up, cuddling the memories of childhood past; the favorite book that sits quietly on the shelf, preserving that feeling we felt the first time we read it; the guitar that waits for “one of these days.” We all have the emotional attachment that defines their well-preserved existence.

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Simplifying Safely – The Harmful Effects of Flame Retardants


Simplifying doesn’t involve just throwing stuff out. Because when the last box of junk leaves your house, you need to turn back around and re-evaluate what’s left behind. Instead of questions like, “Do I really need this?” you need to investigate further – pulling apart all of the stitches in your couch and get to know what exactly you allow to cohabitate your life.

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Links to Distract and Inspire

Pic from last week's move-in

Pic from last week’s move-in


Last weekend we moved to our new apartment and we are now all settled in and recuperating. We’ll take some pictures of our new neighborhood and share them on the blog soon! I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend – enjoy some links :)

  1. This couple travels the country giving away free pie!

  2. A year without internet. 

  3. 4 sisters take the same picture every year for 36 years.


  4. A Redditor explains how to get out of debt.


  5. A machine that allows you to turn a lever for minimum wage.



Simplifying Our Home – The Plan


Josh and I have dedicated the month of April to decluttering (and evacuating) our home. The more critical thing to note is that in addition to simplifying our lives we are also trying to move into a cheaper and smaller apartment by May! Crazy? Yes – change sometimes is designed that way. We hope by simplifying our stuff and finding a cheaper place to live we can completely pay off both of our student loans by the end of this year.

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Let’s Play Dress Up – Modeling for Nana


I might not be adding new items to my closet anymore, but it doesn’t mean I can’t play dress up. My good friend Tobey emailed me with a proposal a couple of weeks ago. She works for Nana, a DC-based online boutique, and the owner, Jackie,needed pictures of their 2013 spring line. Josh and I immediately accepted – we love to work with local businesses. Josh assumed the role of photographer and I was the model.

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Links to Distract and Inspire


We’re on a bit of a health kick – we made this yummy stuffed squash and had a bunch of leftovers.

  1. Marriage equality has been everywhere this week – here’s what The Golden Girls have to say on the topic.
  2. Spring snow? Yikes.
  3. Boys get tools and girls get dolls, right? WRONG! Check out Goldie Blox, an engineering toy for girls.
  4. A wheelchair-accessible tiny house.
  5. More from Zen Habits – Zen Mind in the Middle of Chaos & Stress
  6. Zero Unemployment – is it possible?

Links to Distract and Inspire


  1. Our favorite radio station, WFMU, is holding its annual fundraising marathon. Support independent, listener-funded freeform radio! Support Tom and The Best Show on WFMU! Donate Now!!!
  2. Environmental Working Group posted a thought-provoking guide to healthy drinking water in America.
  3. Our buddy Robin from Robin Altice Photography hipped us to Behind the Brands, a site that ranks the corporate accountability of your favorite brands against a number of issues, including transparency, women, workers, farmers, land, water and climate.
  4. Check out this the mega-cute designs of Little Friends of Printmaking. T-shirts will be bought!
  5. Deborah comes through again with an incredibly touching video.
  6. We’re gonna go and watch A Place at the Table this week, a documentary about hunger in the United States.

Roll Ya Sleeves – The Sustainable Clothing Dilemma

Sustainable Clothing

Your sweater unravels and ruins the weave
But you might be OK with a hole in your sleeve.

I lifted my arm off the desk the other day and got an eyeful of my bare elbow – I had a hole in my cardigan! I quickly rolled up my sleeves – nobody is allowed to see my naked ‘bow.

The solution, of course, is to hide that raggedy little peephole until you get home, grab the spare sweater with the yucky gold buttons and wait for the new one to show up at the door. This time, I decided to try something new. For four weeks I’ve been wearing my snagged cardigan to work every day.Continue Reading

Links to Distract and Inspire

IMG_6264 - Resized

We snapped a quick pic at one of our favorite local coffee shops – Java Shack.

Happy Friday Friends!

We’ve decided to start a series where we share our favorite links. Enjoy! May you be showered with the radiant light of inspiration, or at least be momentarily distracted.

  1. Life can be agreeable –  “[allow] the swollen noodles and bread-mush to rest freely in [your] fingers”
  2. The world needs more people like this restaurant owner.
  3. Our friend Deborah shared this awesome song by Sulk.
  4. This incredible picture of a wave at sunset was on the front page of Reddit this week – by Clark Little Photography.
  5. Fashion is still alive in the U.S. and we can help it survive by spreading the word.
  6. Watch this guy solve a Rubic’s Cube while he juggles.

  7. My favorite meditation teacher, Tara Brach, shares a story of finding peace at the time of death.
  8. We love JaniceArtShip’s unique letter mailing business.
  9. We’re trying to eat less meat, but Josh has had an In-N-Out obsession this week. Will we make this recipe? Only our aching stomachs will tell.


Debt Free – How We Paid Off $15,000 in Credit Card Debt in a Year


I waited patiently today at work as Josh reviewed this month’s budget. “Looks like we can pay off that last credit card,” I noted with a smiley face in my URGENT email that I sent as soon as I sat down at my desk. I was all raring and ready to push confirm on the credit card payment page when Josh suggested paying it off together at lunch. He felt it too, the excitement of the hurdle we were about to make, and he wanted in on the fun of watching the total refresh to zero.

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