Dear Sister


Dear Sister,

Do you remember this hat? We used to fight over it. Wasn’t that crazy, always digging through each other’s clothes? I can remember all my little hiding spots, but you always discovered them, just like I found yours. And then there were those moments of real frustration when one of us would walk in on the other – caught in the act! “I have a really important date tonight! Please sister!” But the other would respond by fumbling down the stairs, hand rail reddening our palm, “Mom! Sister stole my hat!” At first mom would try to referee, but after years of the same arguments she finally gave up. “You two work this out by yourselves! I don’t want to hear any more about it!”

It got worse in high school. Now that we both had jobs, the real treasured items were up for grabs. And the hiding places got even more creative. Sure, the weird rocking horse head on the end of my bed was a great hiding place for a kid, but as teenagers the car was where things got really interesting. It came with a lock, and in my case an alarm! There was no getting past the other now. Unless… yep she left her keys on the kitchen table.

Looking back I can remember one really great shirt you had, the one with the… no I guess I can’t remember. Huh, actually, nothing but this hat really comes to mind. All those years of planning and hiding and not one of your coveted items that I can recall. Are you having the same problem? Can you remember anything of mine that you really loved?

Actually, the more I reminisce about our days of fist fights and glory, it makes me smile. As infuriating as it might have seemed then, it was a lesson. The sheer existence of this hat now really defines my current goal to de-clutter. I’m pretty sure I didn’t keep this hat because I really still need it (although it is PRETTY stylish). More likely I’ve clung on to it for so long because it reminded me of you. Unless you want it back, I’m gonna donate it. I’ll always remember our battles in the name of fashion, but more importantly I’m never going to forget that it was all your  fault. Just kidding!


~ Lora

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  1. mom reuther says:

    Love it! I sure remember those days fondly.

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