Donation Day

College Hunk Hauling Wagon

College Hunk Hauling Wagon

Our house minimizing project is going well. We haven’t reached an amazing goal of owning 100 items each (maybe in a month or two), but we have drastically cut down our possessions. We are planning on moving to a cheaper apartment very soon (and  had a time limit of one month), so to stick to our schedule we declared this past Sunday Donation Day.

We really wanted to donate our stuff, not just haul it away to the landfill. So we researched and found out about Goodwill’s discount pick up service. Goodwill made a deal with a local hauling company called College Hunks Hauling Junk. At a discount price, they came by that sunny afternoon and drove away with a truck full of our lifelong possessions.

So what did we get rid of?

Kitchen stuff
Storage bins
Sentimental possessions
Old computers/camera equipment
More clothes (if you can believe that)
Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii (sold on craigslist)
Beatles Rockband
Cat Tower
Camping Equipment
Vintage Red Wagon

And lots of other stuff we already forgot about.

Is that all?

Nope, we haven’t completely told our entire apartment-minimizing tale yet, so expect a few more posts on that subject. Just as soon as we are moved into our new place we will declutter even more. We promise.

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  1. Michael says:

    Those red wagons always bring back childhood memories.

  2. college milf says:

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    points. Excellent to understand, kudos.

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