First the Closet, Then the Rest – Wrapping Up My Minimized Wardrobe (For Now)


First the Closet

Before we dive into what’s next, I feel the need to clear the air; my final wardrobe is not 40 items. Its 40 items x 2 wardrobes. I have a summer and a winter collection of clothes that totals 80 pieces. It needed to be said, because a few people have patted me on the back, “You only own 40, I couldn’t do that!”

It might not be the smallest – Rowdy Kittens and Miss Minimalist have got me beat, but I’m very proud. I took a mountain of chaotic dresses and knotted scarves and transformed it into a manageable, appropriate wardrobe.

Is this the end? No, but I’m ready to move forward. You can only chit-chat about your closet’s occupants for so long. I promise to revisit my wardrobe in the future, because I do intend to knock that 80 to 40 and then kick and scream again until it reaches a pleasant pile of 20.

Then The Rest

It only makes sense that the apartment would be the next on the list. Now, it’s not your average “spring cleaning” that we are about to be engage in.  Instead we are drastically simplifying our stuff over the course of a month. Actually, we’ve have already begun! We have a huge pile of chairs, décor and useless electronics hovering in a corner; sometimes the cats get lost in there. You might be wondering why we are going to such extremes. Well, even bigger change is on the way, but we’re not going to reveal it all too soon. However, we will release some of the details in a few days along with a plan for decluttering our apartment.

Simplifying our lives will not be an easy task, so please cheer us on. Nightmares are already slipping their way into my dream space. Seriously – I dreamed just last night about my favorite childhood toy was thrown away by a colorful painted beast. I chased his dump truck down the street, miserably failing to match its speed. When I finally reached the landfill where it was buried my alarm clock awoke me before I was able to pull it free.


Nonetheless, no creepy clutter chimera is gonna hold me back. We have hope that our dreams will help us let go of that forgotten teapot, broken clock, childhood toy.

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  1. mom reuther says:

    As long as it’s not that horse head!!! :)

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