Links to Distract and Inspire


  1. Our favorite radio station, WFMU, is holding its annual fundraising marathon. Support independent, listener-funded freeform radio! Support Tom and The Best Show on WFMU! Donate Now!!!
  2. Environmental Working Group posted a thought-provoking guide to healthy drinking water in America.
  3. Our buddy Robin from Robin Altice Photography hipped us to Behind the Brands, a site that ranks the corporate accountability of your favorite brands against a number of issues, including transparency, women, workers, farmers, land, water and climate.
  4. Check out this the mega-cute designs of Little Friends of Printmaking. T-shirts will be bought!
  5. Deborah comes through again with an incredibly touching video.
  6. We’re gonna go and watch A Place at the Table this week, a documentary about hunger in the United States.

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