Links to Distract and Inspire

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We snapped a quick pic at one of our favorite local coffee shops – Java Shack.

Happy Friday Friends!

We’ve decided to start a series where we share our favorite links. Enjoy! May you be showered with the radiant light of inspiration, or at least be momentarily distracted.

  1. Life can be agreeable –  “[allow] the swollen noodles and bread-mush to rest freely in [your] fingers”
  2. The world needs more people like this restaurant owner.
  3. Our friend Deborah shared this awesome song by Sulk.
  4. This incredible picture of a wave at sunset was on the front page of Reddit this week – by Clark Little Photography.
  5. Fashion is still alive in the U.S. and we can help it survive by spreading the word.
  6. Watch this guy solve a Rubic’s Cube while he juggles.

  7. My favorite meditation teacher, Tara Brach, shares a story of finding peace at the time of death.
  8. We love JaniceArtShip’s unique letter mailing business.
  9. We’re trying to eat less meat, but Josh has had an In-N-Out obsession this week. Will we make this recipe? Only our aching stomachs will tell.


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