Minimize My Wardrobe – Step 3


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Step 3: Turn Around the Hanger Game. Hang all clothes in closet for two weeks. After the first week, wash all used clothes and hang back up, but turn around the hangers. Don’t wear these clothes the second week. After week 2 remove all items on forward-facing hangers. Donate and consign.

At first I expected Step 3 to be terribly difficult, but with each day and a turn of the hangers I started to see how easy it could be. However, it wasn’t necessarily the ‘Turn Around the Hanger Game’ that brought me to choose 40 items. To be honest, I abandoned it the second week. Instead my perspective changed during this process – I finally realized that I always knew what needed to go.

I did wake up the first morning with the intention of turning some hangers. I pushed my hungry kitty aside and headed to the closet to lay out my clothes. A couple of days later and I could no longer keep pretending, I knew which clothes I was going to wear and the clothes I would never grab. Every single day, I chose the obvious. I wear the skirt that makes me feel cute, I layer my favorite cardigan and I pair the same comfortable boots with the black tights that keep my legs warm.

My head was always ahead of my will. I was just staring at a closet of fear.  I needed to finally accept the fact that I don’t wear most of these clothes. And once I did, I pulled the hangers instead of turning them. Sure, I was hesitant at first, but it felt good to finally minimize my closet.

 The Step-By-Step plan was helpful. It gave me the courage and reassurance to minimize my wardrobe. But it isn’t the steps or the plans that really matter, it’s your perspective that needs to change. The reason these piles of clutter linger so long is fear and a bit of procrastination. It’s easier to let it pile up, because we can always clean it up later. Why face our fears?

Below is the list of my final 40 items. I was going to create a photo collage, but then I realized that I still have a summer wardrobe to contend with. It seems dishonest to show off a minimal closet that still has plenty of cobwebs lurking in the corners.

40 Items

6 Skirts
2 Dress Pants
1 Pair of Jeans

1 Suit

2 hats
2 Boots
4 dresses

2 Pair of Tennis Shoes

2 Sweaters

3 T-shirts

1 Blazer

8 Shirts

1 Pair of Flats

3 Scarves

1 Pair Rainboots

1 Cardigan

Pieces Donated: 42

Pieces Kept: 40
Items To Be Consigned: I will attempt to sell 2 pieces
Space Acquired: My closet rack is a lot roomier.
Difficulty: Easy

4 Responses to Minimize My Wardrobe – Step 3

  1. Wendy says:

    Ohhhhhh 40 items……75 is my target number. I have about 100 right now – includes all accessories except jewelry. I don’t know if I can do one bag. I currently have 7 and use 3 on a regular basis. The rest I just really like even though I don’t use them very often. I’m very practical about clothes and shoes though, not sentimental about keeping them around if they’re not on regular rotation. My main problem is selling the items. I just don’t have the patience for it. I’ve donated so much the past few years, the thrift store and my friends told me that they can’t take anymore clothes in!

    • My Closet Garden says:

      75 is really great target! Selling is really hard, but I’ve found a few options that are working for me. I hit up a few thrift stores and I also use Ebay Selling companies. In DC I even found an Ebay seller that only focuses on vintage.

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