Minimize My Wardrobe – Step 4


I hauled my clothing donation today to Goodwill in my little red wagon. Alright, I admit, I’m dramatizing Step 4 a bit, the picture of the red wagon is a fake. GASP! I used my car to donate my clothes, but I felt like I deserved to gloat a little bit. Goodwill didn’t give me one of those pretty, “I saved lives today!” stickers that blood donors get. They did, however, hand me a tax slip as we drove away.

It felt great to give my clothes to people who need them, instead of throwing them away or hoarding them for years. When I returned home this evening, I couldn’t help but to look at my neat closet. Will I forget what it was like to have all those clothes? Nope, before I gave them away, I took a final picture to remind myself of the mess I got myself into. I think I just might refer to this photo whenever I get the urge to go on a shopping spree.


What Lies Ahead?

Now that I’ve finished minimizing my winter wardrobe, I need to direct my efforts towards the large clothing trunk in my bedroom that houses my summer wardrobe. I don’t plan to blog about each step this time, especially since I won’t have the chance to experiment with which clothes I do and don’t wear since its still winter. Instead, I’m going take one long afternoon and minimize my entire summer wardrobe.

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