No Easy Task – Finding Gratitude Among Change


We’ve managed to smile most evenings while hunched over a box of clutter, but the stress doesn’t fade away with the morning sun. The small creases in my partner’s brow prove to be fresh with worry. Will we finish it all by May?

 Not only are we simplifying our 2-bedroom apartment (and a storage bin), but we’re also on the search for a cheaper and smaller apartment. My family and friends warned us that we’re trying to change too much at once, but we can’t turn back now; we gave the landlord our notice.

To ease some of this tension we have tried to also squeeze a few nights of meditation and Mad Men. As fleeting as these moments might feel, they’ve brought some clarity and reassurance.  The most important tool that we’ve found though is realizing that things aren’t as tough and threatening as they might seem. A good way of reinforcing that belief has been listing the things that we’re grateful for. We’ll admit, our hipster attitudes almost prevented this list from happening, but here ya go…

Our gratitude list.

  1. Sleepy time tea, comfy socks and Mad Men before bed
  2. Lora watching Josh play Bioshock Infinite
  3. Evenings sipping beer (and munching on tots) at Galaxy Hut while our landlord shows the apartment
  4. Sunny morning walking commute
  5. Successfully selling stuff on Craigslist
  6. Great jobs
  7. No more credit card debt
  8. Spending lunch together
  9. Healthy, organic food
  10. The anticipation of buying bikes for our new (assumed) longer commute
  11. Our large orange kitty, Windigo
  12. Savings account
  13. Pretty pink flowers in the trees outside
  14. Family and friends
  15. Health
  16. Insight Meditation Community
  17. Removing the tea stain from the carpet
  18. Long after work walks talking about our day with each other
  19. My new Be Green Bath and Body lotions
  20. Memorial Day 2013 trip home to see family

3 Responses to No Easy Task – Finding Gratitude Among Change

  1. mom reuther says:

    Good luck to all of you on your newest adventure!

  2. Michael says:

    Quite a list! Spring morning walks always help ease me into work.

  3. Clara says:

    What a great list! :) You guys will be just fine, and at the end maybe even better than most people :)

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