One is Enough

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“The top color for 2013 is Jade! I bet you don’t own anything in that shade, come down this weekend and buy, buy, buy!” announces a store on my Facebook feed.

No thanks. Over the past couple of years I’ve started to realize that these fads and seasonal must-haves are a scheme to encourage me to spend more money and accumulate more junk. And it doesn’t stop with seasonal ploys. We’re constantly bombarded with messages that tell us we need to own everything and it needs to come in every color.

Before I realized that one is enough, I was convinced that I needed to have multiples of everything. Purses were my favorite to collect and I set aside three shelves in the closet for my collection.

At first I loved the wide selection. The weekends were the most fun when I had time to grab a purse for my evening shenanigans. But during the workweek, as hard as I tried I couldn’t convince my grumpy morning self to swap out the content of one purse into a new one. When I did have a little extra time, my wallet, keys, and a mess of receipts and gum wrappers would tumble into my new chosen purse, but as I walked to work I would suddenly realize that my phone was missing!  Over time these mishaps and inconveniences just forced me to stop using multiple purses.

This went on for years, displaying my purse collection behind a shiny glass display while toting around the same bag every day. I’m not sure when I realized how silly this was, but I can only imagine that it happened while my face was pressed up against the display glass screaming, “These purses must go!”

I no longer want to own multiple purses – one is enough. So I set aside my entire purse collection to be donated and chose one very special bag.

My purse includes four important details – it’s sustainable, well-made, comfortable and versatile. My purse is from the Barnacle Bag collection by Lissa Snapp on Etsy. She has an amazing collection of unique totes, backpacks, pouches and drawstring bags. Made in the USA, many of her bags are weather resistant, organic and vegan friendly. They possess a sense of simplicity and at the same time an overwhelming feeling of adventure. I’ve been using my bag for 3 months now and I’m completely satisfied with my one and only.

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  1. Erin says:

    That is a cute bag! I really like it.

    I never understood why people felt they needed more than one handbag. I’d get tired of transferring everything from one bag to another. I have a big black one I use all the time!

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