Roll Ya Sleeves – The Sustainable Clothing Dilemma

Sustainable Clothing

Your sweater unravels and ruins the weave
But you might be OK with a hole in your sleeve.

I lifted my arm off the desk the other day and got an eyeful of my bare elbow – I had a hole in my cardigan! I quickly rolled up my sleeves – nobody is allowed to see my naked ‘bow.

The solution, of course, is to hide that raggedy little peephole until you get home, grab the spare sweater with the yucky gold buttons and wait for the new one to show up at the door. This time, I decided to try something new. For four weeks I’ve been wearing my snagged cardigan to work every day.Continue Reading

Links to Distract and Inspire

IMG_6264 - Resized

We snapped a quick pic at one of our favorite local coffee shops – Java Shack.

Happy Friday Friends!

We’ve decided to start a series where we share our favorite links. Enjoy! May you be showered with the radiant light of inspiration, or at least be momentarily distracted.

  1. Life can be agreeable –  “[allow] the swollen noodles and bread-mush to rest freely in [your] fingers”
  2. The world needs more people like this restaurant owner.
  3. Our friend Deborah shared this awesome song by Sulk.
  4. This incredible picture of a wave at sunset was on the front page of Reddit this week – by Clark Little Photography.
  5. Fashion is still alive in the U.S. and we can help it survive by spreading the word.
  6. Watch this guy solve a Rubic’s Cube while he juggles.

  7. My favorite meditation teacher, Tara Brach, shares a story of finding peace at the time of death.
  8. We love JaniceArtShip’s unique letter mailing business.
  9. We’re trying to eat less meat, but Josh has had an In-N-Out obsession this week. Will we make this recipe? Only our aching stomachs will tell.


Debt Free – How We Paid Off $15,000 in Credit Card Debt in a Year


I waited patiently today at work as Josh reviewed this month’s budget. “Looks like we can pay off that last credit card,” I noted with a smiley face in my URGENT email that I sent as soon as I sat down at my desk. I was all raring and ready to push confirm on the credit card payment page when Josh suggested paying it off together at lunch. He felt it too, the excitement of the hurdle we were about to make, and he wanted in on the fun of watching the total refresh to zero.

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Tales From Our Cluttered Home


We haven’t talked about it much on here yet, but we’ve been on a steady course to minimize our worldly possessions in preparation for the move into a smaller (cheaper) apartment. It’s absolutely incredible how much stuff can accumulate into the lives of a couple when they’re not paying attention. In the course of digging everything out and categorizing (more on that later), our house has become one big pile of stuff we didn’t know we had. It’s enough to cause despair, but we decided that instead of getting depressed, we’d challenge ourselves to make art out of the chaos. Thus were born the pics you see above. Enjoy!

Minimize My Wardrobe – Step 4


I hauled my clothing donation today to Goodwill in my little red wagon. Alright, I admit, I’m dramatizing Step 4 a bit, the picture of the red wagon is a fake. GASP! I used my car to donate my clothes, but I felt like I deserved to gloat a little bit. Goodwill didn’t give me one of those pretty, “I saved lives today!” stickers that blood donors get. They did, however, hand me a tax slip as we drove away.

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Josh’s 2 Drawers – Minimizing the Male Wardrobe

Josh’s 2 Drawers – Minimizing the Male Wardrobe


IMG_5804 - Resized

I have a dirty secret – I too have a monster in my closet. Well… not a closet, really. 2 drawers, tucked into the monstrous wooden bed that I’ve had since seventh grade. That’s where I’ve kept most of my clothes for the 6 years that Lora and I have lived together. I have a tiny sliver of closet space, but most of it fits into my two drawers. Barely fits, I should say. And that’s the problem.

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Minimize My Wardrobe – Step 3


IMG_5768 - Resized

Step 3: Turn Around the Hanger Game. Hang all clothes in closet for two weeks. After the first week, wash all used clothes and hang back up, but turn around the hangers. Don’t wear these clothes the second week. After week 2 remove all items on forward-facing hangers. Donate and consign.

At first I expected Step 3 to be terribly difficult, but with each day and a turn of the hangers I started to see how easy it could be. However, it wasn’t necessarily the ‘Turn Around the Hanger Game’ that brought me to choose 40 items. To be honest, I abandoned it the second week. Instead my perspective changed during this process – I finally realized that I always knew what needed to go.

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One is Enough

IMG_5728 - Resized

“The top color for 2013 is Jade! I bet you don’t own anything in that shade, come down this weekend and buy, buy, buy!” announces a store on my Facebook feed.

No thanks. Over the past couple of years I’ve started to realize that these fads and seasonal must-haves are a scheme to encourage me to spend more money and accumulate more junk. And it doesn’t stop with seasonal ploys. We’re constantly bombarded with messages that tell us we need to own everything and it needs to come in every color.

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Dear Sister


Dear Sister,

Do you remember this hat? We used to fight over it. Wasn’t that crazy, always digging through each other’s clothes? I can remember all my little hiding spots, but you always discovered them, just like I found yours. And then there were those moments of real frustration when one of us would walk in on the other – caught in the act! “I have a really important date tonight! Please sister!” But the other would respond by fumbling down the stairs, hand rail reddening our palm, “Mom! Sister stole my hat!” At first mom would try to referee, but after years of the same arguments she finally gave up. “You two work this out by yourselves! I don’t want to hear any more about it!”

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Minimizing My Wardrobe Step 1 and 2


Step 1: Create 3 piles – Keep, Donate, and Consign. Only keep the items I really love and donate all items that I haven’t worn in a month, that are beyond repair and that don’t match anything.

Two steps into the closet and the fun began. In a fury, my shoes started to stampede forward as they called out “Stranger, Danger!” But I was no stranger, I knew exactly what needed to be donated and so I began the process of minimizing my wardrobe.

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