Pie It Forward


Josh and I have been waiting for months to have a taste of Sarah and Chris’ sugary slices of kindness. This recently-engaged couple has been traveling across the US, dishing out a delicious assortment of FREE! pies – apple, key lime, chocolate cheese and cantaloupe! When they pulled into my town looking for a place to park their tiny wagon-truck home, we couldn’t help but to grab our camera and meet them.

The Pie It Forward Tour started in July 2012 and has so far reached 32 cities, serving 230 pies to a total of 1,610 salivating passersby. Their mission’s pie dish isn’t lined with religious or political messages:

“We believe being kind to each other and sharing should transcend groups and labels. We’ll work with anyone, and we’ll share pie with anyone.”

- Sarah from Pie It Forward

I went to both of their DC pie events this past weekend and enjoyed a slice of pie, but also witnessed an interesting behind-the-scenes effort of kindness. So many wonderful people showed up with pie ingredients, cash donations, and offers to host the couple for a few days. There are many faces behind this tour  – a tour that is enterily supported by donations. It’s encouraging to see how kindness can be contagious. Lately I’ve been trying to do more good deeds, and it’s inspiring to see the efforts of so many go toward a little pie love.

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