Simplifying Our Home – The Plan


Josh and I have dedicated the month of April to decluttering (and evacuating) our home. The more critical thing to note is that in addition to simplifying our lives we are also trying to move into a cheaper and smaller apartment by May! Crazy? Yes – change sometimes is designed that way. We hope by simplifying our stuff and finding a cheaper place to live we can completely pay off both of our student loans by the end of this year.

To accomplish all of this we need something to keep us on track. Below is the list of things we need to simplify in our home. The order is not important, but noting what needs to be done is. Our plan is to hit one or two items on this list each week. We’re using the 100 Thing Challenge to inspire us. It’s going to be hard work, but I think we can do it. I know we can do it! Do you believe in us?

  1. Re-introduce ourselves to the storage room in the basement and clean it out.
  2. Say goodbye to useless kitchen supplies (My juicer? Please don’t say it’s true!)
  3. Simplify file cabinets – get files to one bin, instead of two.
  4. Reduce electronics (computers, cords, and those weird tiny plastic pieces that the cats like to hide under the TV stand).
  5. Sell stuff on craigslist and be willing to reduce the prices to quickly get the clutter outta here!
  6. Return borrowed stuff to family members (sigh, drive camping equipment back to WV) and friends.
  7. Sort through our emotional treasures, try to part ways.
  8. Reduce cleaning supplies, cosmetics and personal items in the bathroom and the linen closet.
  9. Re-evaluate furniture. What do we really need?
  10. Call up goodwill and schedule a day it haul it away.

Time Limit: April 30
Difficulty: No idea, but we’re anticipating many stressful moments.

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