Recycling The Bits and Pieces


April’s intention wasn’t a complete wash. We simplified and donated a lot and now that we are all moved into our new place, let’s continue digging ourselves out of the pit of stuff.

Last weekend we slowly transitioned back into the process, by gathering up the bits and pieces that are lying around the house. Along with Windigo’s favorite kitty toys, random junk gets lost in the shadowy dust caves of our apartment. They have nowhere to go, they just end up in the junk drawer. I’m never sure how to recycle the bits nor can I give away the pieces, so they just sit until they find themselves misplaced again.

When you simplify, however, you can’t allow a junk drawer to exist in your life, you have to clean it out for good. We did a few google searches to figure out how to get rid of our forgettables. Below is a list of those things and suggestions for parting ways.

  1. Old Keys – Instead of tossing them in the garbage, you can donate your old, useless keys to Keys For Kindness.
  2. Used Electronics (random cords, computers, and parts) – My biggest worry was making sure my personal information/files were deleted, because I was too lazy to wipe it myself. My work had a e-cycling day that helped me out with that for free! Look for options like that at your work or in your neighborhood. Here are also few organizations that will accept that outdated monster modem.
    1. Goodwill and Dell have teamed up to offer you FREE electronic recycling.
    2. The EPA offers a database of Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) Electronics Challenge participants.
    3. National Christina Foundation will accept used electronics to benefit those in need.
    4. Free Geek  accepts broken computers and random cords and parts!
    5. Alternative Community Training specializes in recycling old video tapes.
  3. Bras – Never crossed your mind, huh? Yep, you can recycle your bra by sending them to The Bra Recyclers. 

  4. Soap – Donate that tiny soap that you snatched up during your last hotel stay to Clean the World.
  5. Wine CorksRecork will gladly accept them.
  6. Packing Peanuts – Or if you’d rather talk in scientific terms, “polystyrene loose fill” can be donated to the Plastic Loose Fill Council.
  7. Holiday LightsSend last years burnt out bulbs to Holiday Leds.  They will recycle them and give you a %15 off coupon for  new, energy-efficient LED lights.
  8. TowelsContact your local animal shelter to see if they are accepting donations. They use used towels for animals’ bedding and bathing.
  9. Shoes – There are lots of organizations that will accept your old sneaker.
    1. Reuse A Shoe
    3. One World Running
    4. Share Your Soles
    5. Shoe 4 Africa
    6. The Shoe Bank
    7. Recycled Runners 

  10. And Everything Else – If you’d rather not throw your broken lamp in the trash post it to Freecycle and see if somebody will be willing to take it off your hands. Let’s keep it out of the landfill.

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    I didn’t know about all these possibilities, thanks for the information.

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